Fr. 6 Dezember

19:30 Eröffnungsfeier
20:00 Bohnenstange

Sa. 7 Dezember

17:00 Der Jahrestag der Revolution
19:15 Lass uns scheiden!
21:15 Kerosin

SO. 8 Dezember

14:00 -17:00 Kurzfilmwettbewerb
17:00 Anton Dolin (Tschaikowsky-Saal)
17:00 Die weiße Mama
19:30 Odessa
22:00 Es war einmal in Trubtschevsk

MO. 9 Dezember

17:00 Das Herz der Welt
19:15 Nesejka, die jüngste Tochter
21:15 Der russische Junge 

Di. 10 Dezember

16:00 Spezielles Programm
18:00 Konstantin Schavlovskij: „Die Methoden der Marina Razbezhkina“



Es werden die besten russischen Kurzfilme der angehenden russischen Regisseure des Jahres 2019 gezeigt.


Frank Müller – Produzent der Agentur „Doppelplusultra“, produziert Spiel- und Dokumentarfilme unter anderem auch in Kooperation mit Russland. Zum Beispiel der Dokumentarfilm aus dem Jahr 2018 „Die sibirische Liebe“ (Produzent, Drehbuchautor, Regisseur, Produktionsfirma „Doppelplusultra).

Prof. Dr. Thomas Weber – Direktor im Institut für Medien und Kommunikation an der Universität Hamburg

Erika Wottrich – Die Geschäftsführerin beim CineGraph – Hamburgisches Centrum für Filmforschung

Pavel Smirnov – Produzent, Direktor des Produzentencenters „ContArt“, Entwicklungsdirektor der Schule des neuen Films der Stadt St. Petersburg


About snow | Alica | Arkady | Re-evalution | Ear | Garage | Mama | The narrator | The unknown racer



About snow

2019, Russia, 27:27'

written by Evgeniy Ionov, Varya Bergelson
directed by Varya Bergelson

The story of three childhood friends, whose paths have long separated, but night, winter, village, home-distilled vodka, axe, fire, and cemetery - a journey through hell, purgatory and, finally, paradise.

This film is not about the harsh Russian reality, but, first of all - about people, their fears, losses and pain. My task  was to reveal each character, to give them a second birth. People have been shooting stories for more than a hundred years, but only the honest and human touches the thinnest strings in us. So I focused only on human story, everything else, just like in life, becomes irrelevant at the end.

Varya Bergelson was born on 24.03.1993 in Moscow. In 2019 graduated from The Gerasimov Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK) as a film director.




2019, Russia, 14:59'

written by Ivan Petukhov, Yulia Gulyan, Vasilisa Kuzmina, Ksenia Mironova
directed by Vasilisa Kuzmina
produced by Timur Bekmambetov

There is an anniversary of the relationship between a taxi driver Misha and his voice assistant Alice. They seem to be an ideal couple - they agree with different things : from sense of humor to musical tastes. Will a pretty passenger be able to destroy their relationship? Or Alise will manage to convince Misha that he shouldn’t give this suspicious lady a lift?

Vasilisa Kuzmina was born on 29.11.1991 in Moscow. Graduated from Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) as an economist. In 19 years, she moved to New York, where she graduated from Columbia University in the same specialty. In 2017 graduated from Mikhail Shchepkin Higher Theatre School as an actress. In 2017 she was awarded the International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration, and Equality for her leading role in the film “Muse”.



2019, Russia, 12:04'

written and directed by Ekaterina Stashevskaya
produced by Oleg Lukichev, Mikhail Chechelnitsky

Our times. The time of tolerance, total equality and fraternity. An intern, a trial of the experimental all-national program “Tolerant Russia”,  comes in the police station of the N city. Arkadiy Chuzhikov, the young and law-abiding, orthograde and Russian speaking brown bear. The humble and silent intern does their best to blend into the team and earn trust and respect. But the team doesn’t take the newcomer.

Ekaterina Stashevskaya was born on 13.07.1981 in Moscow.  In 2002 she graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University (faculty of foreign languages), in 2003 Coventry University UK (BA degree in modern languages). In 2015 she graduated from Moscow New Cinema School as a film director. 



2019, Russia, 18:41' 

written by Anna Kuzminykh, Maria Konstantinova, Yana Stanovova
production designer Maria Starostina

An equable, genteel and seemingly delightful family has lived quite a mediocre life. After its death the family members have been put in purgatory – the place where souls exist in an interim state. Here the family has been sentenced to the eternal tea party accompanied by the profane conversations; it has also been assigned with handling the affairs for the registry of Hell.

The family consists of Father, Mother, Grandmother, Daughter and Son. Each of them has his or hers own understanding of what is right and what is wrong. To pass the resits and have their souls finally allocated to Hell or Heaven, the family members have to successfully complete the task given to them by extremely cunning Lucifer, and that is: if on the tea table the files of yet unallocated strangers’ souls will “accidently” be placed, what each of the family members is going to do? Condemn the souls? Grant them pardons? Or, may be, return the files which are none of his or her business?

Anna Kuzminykh was born on 24.06.1994 in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. In 2017 graduated from The Gerasimov Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK) as a film director (workshop by N. Ryazantseva). 


The ear

2019, Russia, 11:00'  

written by Andrey Stadnikov
directed by Petr Skvortsov    

An alternative future that suspiciously resembles a totalitarian empire of the middle of the previous century. The passengers of the special taxicab are pouring out their hearts to the driver without saying a word. A humble and silent boy with a soft smile and understanding eyes is hearing out the confessions of a “real” man, a rich lady, and a freaked out security officer. Who is this strange mind reader psychotherapist driving the black cab?  

Petr Skvortsov was born on 12.06.1994 in Moscow. Attended the children's studio at the Central House of the actor n.a. A. Yablochkina. In 2015 graduated from School-Studio of Moscow Art Theatre as an actor. In 2016 received the award "Best Actor Prize" in the film "The Student" by Kirill Serebrennikov. "The Ear" - his debut work as a director, in which starred Nikita Elenev ("Summer"), Marina Vasilyeva ("Dislike"), Julia Aug ("The Student", "Summer") and Maxim Vitorgan.



2019, Russia, 23:39'

written and directed by Igor Marchenko

Two totally unknown to each other boy and girl learn how to survive together in the garage during the upcoming apocalypse outside. 

Igor Marchenko was born on 23.09.1990 in Moscow. In 2017 graduated from Moscow Film School as a film director.    



2018, Estonia - Russia, 18:46'

written and directed by Vladimir Kott

Two young social workers are delivering a fugitive child to his mother by ferry. But in the middle of the icy Baltic Sea, something goes wrong. 

Vladimir Kott was born on 22.02.1973 in Moscow. In 1996 graduated from graduated from Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS) as an actor. Staged performances in provincial theaters as a director - Tver Theater, Novgorod Academic Drama Theatre named after F. Dostoevsky and others. In 1999 worked as a second director on the film "We drove two drivers" directed by A. Kott. In 2013 graduated from Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors (VKSR) as a film director.


The narrator

2019, USA - Russia, 10:38' 

written by James Barron
directed by Julia Trofimova
produced by Kseniya Yorsh  
DoP Egor Povolotskiy
music by Sergey Stern
editor Monge
production designer Tatiana Sitnikova
cast: Kyle Walters, Jason Tobias, John Macey, Grace Bosley, Robert Brisco Evans

As part of an experimental therapy, a depressed employee must navigate his office job with a personal narrator who speaks aloud his every thought.

Julia Trofimova was born on 27.03.1978 in Kaluga, Russia. In 2001 graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University. In 2017 graduated from New York Film Academy as a screenwriter, and filmmaking courses of Moscow Film School. She directed "The Narrator" in 2018 in Los Angeles.


The unknown racer

2019, Russia, 08:35'

written, directed and produced by Danya Razuvaev

RedBull Knock Out is one of the toughest motocross beach races in the world. Since 2006 it takes place in Scheveningen, Netherlands and attracts entries from over 1,000 riders every year. The first time a Russian racer decided to participate in this legendary event was in 2018. He is not a professional rider but has a true passion for it. In this film we look at his motivations and dreams which took him all the way to RedBull Knock Out.

Danya Razuvaev was born in 1988 in Leningrad, Russia. He studied sound design in Saint-Petersburg but then moved to Moscow in 2009 and next five years studied directing in VGIK University. After graduation he worked as a first assistant director on one of the oldest Russian film studio - Lenfilm. In 2015 he become a director of video department on Wargaming Studio in Saint-Petersburg, where he created documentary series about naval fortresses and legendary warships of second world war. Since 2017 Danya Razuvaev is making commercials.